Friday, October 15, 2010

Zentyal phone config - Grandstream GXP285

Grandstream GXP285 telephone config for Zentyal server
(settings almost identical for Grandstream BT-200)

Connecting - for DHCP assigned addressing
Connect phone to network and find IP address on phone or server.
Connect to web interface using IP address. Default password is "admin"

Basic Settings
  1. Change time zone settings
Advanced Settings
  1. Change password as desired
  2. Change "no key entry timeout" from 4 seconds to 2. Since these phones do not have good dial plan settings so you can have them dial immediately after a qualified extension is entered, this keeps the user from needing to wait 4 seconds after last number dialed before the call is sent.
  3. Change time server to local if desired. Otherwise make sure Internet is open to for the phone to get correct time and date.
Account Settings
  1. SIP Server: enter either "[server IP Address]:5060" or "[Server Name]" (if DNS server is configured properly)
  2. SIP User ID: Enter Zentyal User (or extension if different from user)
  3. Authenticate ID: Enter Zentyal User
  4. Authenticate Password: Enter Zentyal User password
  5. Name and Account name are not required. Name is used for displaying name of caller (versus number)
  6. Use DNS server: check as appropriate based on SIP server addressing above
  7. Unregister on reboot: check yes if you will be moving phones around to different subnets, otherwise IP addressing may be sticky.