Monday, November 15, 2010

Configure Netgear FSM7352S for VLAN

Reset Switch [Linux]
The switch I received had an unknown admin password so I needed to hard reset. I decided to upgrade the firmware at the same time.
  • downloaded firmware file from website: fsm73xxs_7.3.1.7.stk
  • plugged null modem cable into switch and computer serial port
  • discover serial port information [dmesg | grep tty]
  • install Minicom [sudo apt-get install minicom]
  • configure Minicom [sudo minicom -s -c on], which opens a color minicom window
    • Enter Serial port setup menu
    • Change serial device (option A) to that discovered above
    • Change option E to rate, parity and bits to match switch: 9600 8N1

    • Save Minicom configuration by "save setup as dfl" on main menu
    • Choose Exit from menu
    • If you exit all the way out of Minicom, you can restart with [minicom -c on]
  • Plug switch in, wait for it to autoboot, then choose option 2 for Utility menu
  • Utility Menu for the switch:
  • Choose "Erase Current Configuration" or "Erase Permanent Storage" depending on how drastic you want to be. I chose the latter after which the switch is missing its stack code for operation, so is dead till reloaded.
  • To update the firmware, choose option 2 "Load stack code update package". Follow the prompts to select Zmodem.
  • Start file upload *** tricky in Minicom *** need to press Ctrl-A then S in sequence which opens a file upload dialogue box from which you select the file you
    • Help for Minicom special keys is found by pressing Ctrl-A then Z in sequence
    • Quitting Minicom is via Ctrl-A then Q
  • Firmware upload takes quite some time at that speed!
  • When done and rebooted, I noticed the utility menu is different: (password recovery exists instead of erase permanent storage option)
  • I'm also noticing that I could have changed serial speed and significantly reduced the time I had to wait for firmware upload!
Reset Switch [Windows]

Configure Switch - Basic Config
  • Enter switch console and allow the FSM73xxS Application to start
  • enter User name "admin" and blank password
  • Helpful commands:
    • show hardware = displays hardware version and info
    • show network = displays network info including existing IP address
    • reload = reboots system
    • logout = logs out current user
    • ezconfig = starts ezconfig utility to set basic configuration
  • Run [ezconfig]
    • choose Y to change password
    • choose N to assign IP address if you want DHCP assigned address
    • Assign switch name and location as desired
    • choose Y to save changes
  • run [show network] to get IP address to connect to Http Interface
Configure Switch - VLAN Config
  • Point browser at switch IP address and login
  • to be continued