Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zentyal Phone config - Grandstream HT-502

Grandstream HT-502 dual FXS port telephone gateway

Network Setup - Basic Settings
Connect computer to LAN port, device will act as a DHCP server before being configured and will dish out IP address to your computer.
  1. Change device Mode from "NAT Router" to "Bridge" (This allows you to connect Ethernet to either side, receive IP address from DHCP server and connect a computer or another device to the other)
  2. Save settings & Reset box
FXS Port 1 settings
  1. Primary SIP Server: [IPaddress]:5060
  2. SIP User ID: Zentyal User name or extension
  3. Authenticate ID: Zentyal User name
  4. Password: Zentyal password
  5. Unregister on Reboot: check yes (important when moving phones between subnets)
  6. Transfer on conference hangup: check yes (keeps conference alive when caller hangs up)
  7. No Key Entry Timeout: change to 2 seconds from 4 seconds. This is to keep the wait time between finishing marking the number to the actual connection down.
  8. Call Plan: added entry for immediate dialing of our extensions. Added 2xxx as another or option.