Wednesday, August 25, 2010

eBox Installation Problems

When setting up openVPN, the first problem was copying the VPN configuration files to my Windows machine, which I had on the WAN side. I had a Linux computer setup on the LAN side, but shares were not working properly yet. SOLUTION: email. After using cp command to change the .zip extension I was able to send to myself in Gmail.
More problems ensued: was getting error about the TAP-Win32 adaptors. The simplest fix was to download the latest version of OpenVPN, namely at this time openvpn-2.1_rc22-install.exe. Once this was installed, no more errors regarding the TAP-Win32 adaptors. Another solution would be to go to Start Menu - OpenVPN - Utilities. Right click and run as administrator, the 'Add new TAP adapter' option. I tried this first, but got the additional error of 'route addition failed using createipforwardentry'... SOLUTION: install OpenVPN 2.1 or later.
Remember, always need to run OpenVPN as administrator in Windows 7. Also, the VPN files go in the VPN directory: Program Files\OpenVPN\config