Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fedora 16 lxde Laptop

Installing Fedora 16 for the first time on one of my Laptops... after years of using Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other Debian based distros.

New Program Installs.

  • Google Chrome:  one of the first things I do with a new install is pull out Google Chrome.  
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Try to install packagekit to aid in installing new software
    • Open Yum Extender
    • search for packagekit
    • select the following packages for install: PackageKit, PackageKit-glib, PackageKit-yum, PackageKit-command-not-found, PackageKit-docs, PackageKit-browser-plugin
    • select gnome-packagekit and apply changes.  This installs one dependency 
    • NOW, I can see Add/Remove Programs in System Tools
  • crypto-utils
  • dolfin???? gigolo used to connect to network storage, but this only opens file system up in web browser.
  • virt-manager 0.9.1
    • This version has configuration of bridges built into it for KVM virtualized machines
    • Not sure if this would work for ubuntu servers or just Fedora/Red-hat types
  • Programs I had installed:
    • filezilla
    • google chrome
    • pitivi - video editor
    • add/remove software --see above -- packagekit
    • Gigolo - for remote file system access
    • virtual machine filesystem browser
    • virt-manager 0.9.1
    • EasyLife - for added media support/configuration