Friday, February 4, 2011

MineOS Notes

Minecraft server via MineOS.--- notes

  • Feature Requests
  • Bugs and Support
  • Other Garbage

  • has helpful hints and user error resolutions as well

Minecraft Forum - server (general)

View Screens - for troubleshooting, etc
  • from terminal window
  • [cd]
  • [./]
  • then select screen corresponding to server and press enter
  • (not sure how to exit screen without killing server)


Saving files - permanence of temporary files
  • Files listed in /opt/.filetool.lst must have the following command run to persist past reboot
  • [sudo -b] this permanently saves file - past reboot
  • firewall setting, uservars, etc. This is because these OS and files run from memory. Exception are files running from hard drive like /mnt/sda1/...
  • to change list [sudo nano /opt/.filetool.lst]

To change how much RAM a world will use requires editing of the /usr/games/minecraft/uservars file.

Adjust the DEFAULT_MEM=1024
to match the desired amount of memory in MB.

Save changes with 'sudo -b'
Stop and restart any running worlds.

Automatic Backup
  • [sudo crontab -u tc -e] enters crontab as user tc in edit mode
  • [i] to enter insert mode
  • [0 4 * * * cd /usr/games/minecraft: python /usr/games/minecraft/ backup three] performs the listed commands according to the schedule
  • 0 minute, of every 4th hour, every(*) day, every month, every day of week
  • [esc] escape key to enter command
  • [:wq] then enter for write and quit
  • [crontab -l] list crontabs
  • [sudo -b] this commits the file to permanent storage
Backup - revisited
  • Cronjobs were not running so needed to change directory for cron start command
  • [sudo nano /opt/]
  • change cron start line to the following
  • "/etc/init.d/services/crond start"
  • save and exit
  • [sudo -b] ommand to commit changes to permanent
  • reboot [sudo /home/tc/]
Date - change to correct
  • [date] showed incorrect time zone so to change to proper
  • [sudo nano /mnt/hda1/boot/grub/menu.lst]
  • add the following to the kernel line
  • "tz=EST4EDT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0"
  • save and exit
  • reboot [sudo /home/tc/]