Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Games not chosen for Spanish Distro

Here is my list of games that had good reviews or seemed promising but I decided not to include in my distribution for Spanish kids. I am including names and reasons so I don't have to revisit my work here again.

  • einstein - logic game quite challenging, but perhaps too much so
  • flight of the amazon queen - very dos like cheesy game
  • freecol - like colonizatioBulleted Listn but was more complicated than other similar turn based strategy games included
  • freedink - all English and not very entertaining
  • micropolis - city sim but complex and no Spanish language
  • singularity - too complex
  • widelands - not the best rts available... currently not polished enough
  • teeworlds - not sure how to setup LAN server otherwise fast, cartoon like multi-player shooter
  • yofrankie - very processor intensive