Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Most Useful Linux Programs & Configurations

My list of most useful Linux Programs

The Right Distro :) - Favorites are Linux Mint (Gnome and LXDE versions), Lubuntu, Ubuntu - specifically Go-OO, which Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives use by default
FreeMind - Mind mapping software, great for sketching out ideas
Chrome or Chromium Web browser - Speedy and I snyc my bookmarks between all my computers, Windows & Linux
Terminal Server Client - Allows me to RDP into my Windows machines on the server
Pidgin Internet Messenger - Chat over multiple protocals
Virtualbox - so I can setup my virtual Windows machines, etc
System Profiler & Benchmark - system info at your fingertips
Xfce4 Taskmanager - only if you want detailed system usage information similar to Windows Task Manager
AceToneISO - allows mounting of ISO and proprietary CD image files like mdf as virtual disks.
Etherape - graphical map of network traffic
Dolphin - Network and web browser. Allows me to easily see Samba and Linux shared drives. Works better than many alternatives and works with LXDE desktop.

Others of note:
Zimbra Desktop - as an email client
RealPlayer - media player
Google Earth -
Skype - phone
Exaile - music player with simple, easy interface

If desktop for new to Linux user:
Desktop - change to only 1 desktop
Adobe - Install reader and flash plugins if not included in distribution
File defaults - in OpenOffice, set defaults to XP2003 file formats for saving
Add trash can icon to desktop - for Ubuntu run gconf-editor
Wifi cards - check proprietary drivers are enabled for any cards